Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise

Supplemental Material

by Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson
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Hidden History of Every People Project

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Ancient Egyptians

Biblical Authority

Creation of Mankind

Humanity Forgotten

Native Americans


Traced Supplemental Materials

Supplemental Figure

  1. Figure 1. Tree: Alpha Root (pdf)

Supplemental Tables

  1. Haplogroup Data for Maps (xlsx)
  2. Karmin S1 Curated (xlsx)
  3. R1b Sublineages (xlsx)
  4. Young-Earth Creation Episilon Karmin MboBabel (xlsx)
  5. Bergstrom HGDP Babel FixedMbo (xlsx)
  6. 1KG Alternate Start Babel FixedMbo (xlsx)
  7. Young-Earth Creation Derived Epsilon (xlsx)
  8. Comparing Branches in AD1 (xlsx)

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