Oldest Brit, “Cheddar Man” Was Dark-Skinned . . . or Was He?

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A few weeks ago, news headlines around the world proclaimed that the oldest known “Briton” (by secular dating methods) was dark-skinned, according to genetic analysis (which was done for a TV documentary). But now new headlines are calling this pronouncement into question.

These new reports are more tentative, stating that the results weren’t absolutely conclusive and that new research has shown even more genes than we thought are responsible for skin shade. It goes on to say that, even with current technology, we really can’t tell the shade of an ancient person’s skin yet, especially considering how much DNA degrades over time.

We need to be careful about believing what we read, especially if it contradicts God’s Word.

This story shows that “whenever science is done by press release, it is science that usually comes off worst.” You will rarely hear all the details in a press release or a lay science article, and often these articles are spun—or have tantalizing, misleading headlines—because publishers want people to read their articles. (And, to an extent, this makes sense—there’s a lot of content competing for people’s attention, and you want them to read yours.)

But it’s a reminder that we need to be careful about believing what we read, especially if it contradicts God’s Word (such as the 10,000-year age assigned to “Cheddar Man”—sadly much of the media has been brainwashing the public in many false ideas about origins, especially when it comes to the dates!). We can be confident that research, when done right and interpreted correctly, will always confirm God’s Word.

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