Rare “Seahorse Dad” or Just a Woman Who Is Pregnant?

by Ken Ham on February 1, 2024
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I do not have the job of writing headlines for the New York Post, but if I did, I would rewrite the following headline so it actually makes sense. The current headline reads, “Trans man who had mastectomy discovered to be 5 months pregnant, making rare ‘seahorse dad.’” What does such a ridiculous headline mean? Well, here’s how I would rewrite the headline:

Woman discovered to be 5 months pregnant

Okay, that might not get quite as many clicks as the nonsensical “seahorse dad” language—but at least it is logically coherent and scientifically accurate!

Here’s the story: a gender-confused woman in Italy, referred to as “Marco” by the media, underwent a double mastectomy—an irreversible surgery that will forever alter her body—and later also wanted a hysterectomy (to remove her uterus). But in the hospital, doctors discovered that “Marco” was five months pregnant. She was immediately advised to suspend her hormone therapies as they cause significant risks to the unborn baby (not to mention to the mother herself!). When the baby is born, the media reports that “Marco” will be the child’s biological mother but will be registered as the baby’s legal father.

It seems the media will do anything and use any ridiculous term to avoid saying “woman”!

In the article, “Marco” is described as a “member of a tiny group of people known as ‘seahorse dads,’ transgender men who carry babies. . . . The term is derived from the fact that among seahorses, the males carry and give birth to their young.” It seems the media will do anything and use any ridiculous term to avoid saying “woman”! They simply refuse to acknowledge the obvious truth from biology—and firstly from God’s Word—that a woman is a woman and no amount of body-mutilating surgeries, hormone therapies, or social affirmation erases the truth written in every cell of her body, in her DNA. (And, by the way, while male seahorses are designed to carry their young in a brood pouch, they don’t produce the eggs—the female does and then deposits them into the male’s pouch, where he fertilizes them, so there is absolutely no parallel between this woman having a baby and how seahorses reproduce.)

At the end of the article, a pro-life representative is quoted as saying,

The gender fluidity theory is total madness. It’s against science and against nature. . . . This case is a challenge for gender theories because it shows a woman is a woman.

Yes, a woman is a woman, and no amount of silly semantics will change scientific and biblical truth! The world seems to be going insane! But that’s what happens when people reject God.

So God created man in his own image,
    in the image of God he created him;
    male and female he created them. (Genesis 1:27)

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