Tax-Free Asset Sale That Supports You and Christian Ministry


God has graciously blessed Answers in Genesis with faithful supporters who sacrificially give of their time and resources so that we can continue spreading the message of biblical authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many of these giving opportunities not only help the ministry but also help you!

For our US supporters, one giving opportunity, called a charitable remainder unitrust, does exactly this by allowing you to sell your assets tax free. Often when you sell an asset, such as an appreciated piece of property, you face a large capital gains tax. To legally avoid this large tax and also contribute to the kingdom of God, you can create a special trust for your asset. This trust pays you a fixed percentage annually off the principal of the trust while also bypassing the capital gains tax.

Not only will you increase your income and avoid tax, but you will also receive a charitable deduction for income taxes and practice good stewardship of your resources by partnering with us to further the gospel and the message of biblical authority—a message this dying culture desperately needs to hear.

You can learn more about giving to Answers in Genesis at


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