Earn Income on Your Home Plus Bless AiG

on ; last featured November 12, 2016

As a non-profit ministry, Answers in Genesis is supported by generous individuals and families who believe in what we do. They partner with us to become a part of spreading the message of biblical authority and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for the partnership and generosity of these individuals and families.

Lately we’ve been highlighting planned giving as one way that our supporters can partner with us in our mission. Did you know that you can turn your home into a source of income for your family and help bless Answers in Genesis at the same time? If you own your own home but would like to downsize or perhaps move to the beach or a lakefront property, you can place your home in a charitable remainder trust.

When you place your home (or land or any other assets) in this special trust, you can receive an income for life, get a substantial income tax charitable deduction, and also contribute to helping us accomplish our mission of proclaiming the absolute truth and authority of the Bible and the message of the gospel. This is an excellent way to give yourself security and a set income for life, as well as to provide a future revenue stream to support the Lord’s work.

You can learn more about planned giving at GenesisGift.org.


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