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If It Looked Like a Bird and Flew Like a Bird . . . It Must Be a Dinosaur!

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There’s a test called “the duck test,” and it’s very complicated. You ready? This is how it goes: “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” But because they begin with the wrong starting point (man’s word), evolutionists have changed this test into this: “If it looked like a bird, had feathers like a bird, and flew like a bird, then it was probably a dinosaur.”

Researchers found its wing bones matched that of modern birds with the ability to take off quickly and fly a short distance, like pheasants.

Because evolutionists believe birds descended from dinosaurs, they are often desperate to classify fossils that are bird-like as transitional to dinosaurs. And Archaeopteryx, a small bird known only from a few fossil specimens, has been at the forefront of this battle. It has been classified as a missing link, reclassified as a bird, and then re-reclassified as a “flying dinosaur.”

A recent article in the BBC highlighted research that showed that Archaeopteryx could fly like a modern pheasant or quail. Investigations on its fossil bones with high-powered X-ray beams showed its bones were mostly hollow (like modern birds). The researchers found its wing bones matched that of modern birds with the ability to take off quickly and fly a short distance, like pheasants.

So let’s apply the duck test to Archaeopteryx. This magpie-sized creature had hollow bones like a bird, feathers like a bird, the ability to fly like a bird, and other features some birds are known to have.

Now this may be stretching it, but maybe, just maybe, it was actually a bird!

Some evolutionists insist Archaeopteryx is a transitional form or even a flying dinosaur because it had teeth, claws on its wings, and a long, bony tail. However, these features occur in other extinct or living birds.

Archaeopteryx wasn’t some kind of pre-bird dinosaur. It was a bird that was designed by its Creator to do what it was designed to do and do it well.

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