UK Lawmakers Call for National List of Registered Homeschoolers

by Ken Ham on August 9, 2021
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What could go wrong with a national list of registered homeschooled students? After all, the United Kingdom lawmakers involved just want to ensure that homeschooled students are “getting the same opportunities as their school-educated peers.” Well, more on what could—and would—go wrong in a moment. But first, what are those “opportunities” these students could be missing out on?

Well, I would argue that what these UK lawmakers are really doing is trying to ensure students have the “opportunity” to be indoctrinated in the secular religion of our day—atheism, grounded in naturalism—and evolution, millions of years, LGBTQ identities, abortion, racism (under the guise of “anti-racism”), Marxism, “pornography literacy,” and more. Sadly (although there are some Christian missionaries in the system), public schools are, by and large, thoroughly pagan and are churning out students with a very secular (anti-God), atheistic worldview. And lawmakers don’t want to lose the huge influence they have on children through the education system as record numbers of parents are pulling their children from schools. That’s why these UK politicians are fighting for this national registry.

They want the freedom to teach children according to their beliefs, not forced to be indoctrinated into the state religion.

So, what could go wrong? Well, it’s not a stretch (given the government overreach we’ve been increasingly seeing) to speculate that as soon as the government is involved with homeschooling, it will begin dictating what students must learn—which is exactly why many UK parents are against the idea of a national registry. They want the freedom to teach children according to their beliefs, not forced to be indoctrinated into the state religion.

Parents, whether you homeschool, Christian school, or public school, as the world gets darker and more anti-Christian, you must be prepared to stand boldly for Christ, teaching and training your children in a biblical worldview and giving them answers for the questions/attacks of our day. Put your hand to the plow and don’t look back—your labor in the Lord for your children matters now and for eternity. Don’t grow discouraged by the darkness of the world—shine the light of Christ in your home and into the sphere in which God has placed you, faithfully transmitting the truth of God’s Word and the gospel to your children, no matter the chaos of the world around you.

You can discover more about godly and biblical parenting in my new book, Will They Stand?: Parenting Kids to Face the Giants. That book sparked the theme for our 2021 Answers for Pastors and Leaders conference (which is open to everyone—and I strongly urge parents and grandparents to attend!), Raising Godly Generations, October 5–7, 2021, at the Ark Encounter. I encourage you to attend this very timely conference! We’re south of Cincinnati.

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