New Zealand Rugby Team Tolerant Only of Those Who Agree with Them

by Ken Ham on May 14, 2018
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An anti-Christian crusade in New Zealand has begun. The famous rugby team All Blacks has started a campaign called #DiversityIsStrength. A new commercial features the players from the football team and the claim that “discrimination” is an “enemy” that must be defeated. And their new black jerseys, when stretched, feature the colors of the rainbow.

Their new campaign video says,

The next battle is different. The next enemy is truly formidable and deeply devious. It is discrimination. An enemy that cannot be fought alone. It must be defeated together. It will take more than fifteen, it will take thousands, millions. . . . Diversity is strength.

They claim they are against “discrimination.” But really, what they’re saying is that those who have a biblical view of marriage are a “formidable and deeply devious” enemy—and they are discriminating against Bible-believing Christians.

All Blacks, and their sponsor AIG Insurance (not this AiG!), say “diversity is strength” and discrimination is an enemy. But what are they doing? They are discriminating against Christians and others who don’t share their view of marriage and sexuality. They want diversity—but only if everyone agrees with them! That isn’t diversity. That’s intolerance and discrimination against those who view things differently than they do.

Really, they are making themselves into a hate group. They are hating those who disagree with them and refusing to tolerate their beliefs. And they’re also encouraging others to hate and “battle” (their word) against people who do not agree!

“Tolerance” isn’t the goal of many in the LGBT community.

“Tolerance” isn’t the goal of many in the LGBT community. Forcing everyone to celebrate and approve of LGBT behaviors—regardless of what they believe—is the goal. LGBT activists don’t want tolerance! They want to discriminate against those who don’t agree with them.

As believers, we don’t hate those who belong to the LGBT community. We love them—and we love them enough to speak the truth to them. To share with them that they (like everyone!) are sinners in rebellion against God and need to repent and believe the gospel. That God is the author of marriage and has defined it as between one man and one woman for life (Genesis 1:27, 2:24). This is the true message of love and acceptance.

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