Franklin Graham Ads Pulled from UK Buses

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A bus company in the UK has pulled advertisements from the sides of its buses promoting an upcoming Festival of Hope featuring evangelist Franklin Graham. Reportedly, “customer feedback and reactions on social media” resulted in “heightened tension,” causing the company to pull the ads. Why were people upset about Graham coming to speak? Because of his “stance on issues such as gay marriage and Islam.”

Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham, says he isn’t coming to the UK to speak on either of these issues. He is coming to share the good news of Christ. But because he takes a biblical stand on marriage (one man for one woman), and has expressed concerns about certain Islamic teachings, many LGBT activists apparently believe companies should refuse to run the ads for his event, even if the companies don’t “endorse or support any advertisement which is placed on [their] vehicles.”

Many LGBT activists are incredibly intolerant of those who do not agree with them. Apparently there’s even a petition to ban Graham from entering the UK because of his so-called “hate speech.” Increasingly, anyone who disagrees with the LGBT community is accused of hate speech, and those who dare to voice their disagreement are punished for doing so.

We’re only going to see attacks on free speech and religious freedom—and attacks on the people who hold to biblical views—increase as our Western cultures drift further from biblical truth. And this is partly because the darker the world becomes, the brighter our lights as Christians will—and need to—shine. Scripture reminds us that the world loves darkness, not light, (John 3:19) so it makes sense the world will hate us.

But we should always ensure they hate us because of the message we proclaim, not because of our attitudes! As believers, our attitude toward unbelievers should be characterized by grace and compassion. We are never to ignore truth, but we are to present that truth with grace (John 1:14), showing the love of Christ to all.

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