Division, Conflict, and Chaos

While culture disintegrates in the West, Ken Ham provides direction to churches and families so they can teach the coming generations.

by Ken Ham on June 26, 2021
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Those three words really describe the culture and church in the Western world. Why is this happening? Is there a solution? Is it just America that is experiencing these problems? The Australian Christian Lobby (acl.org.au) recently sent an email newsletter stating, “Two ACL staff addressed a [New South Wales] Upper House committee today to support Mark Latham MLC’s Parental Rights Bill . . . [They] represented parents like you who don’t want their children to be taught about gender fluidity in school . . . Parents continually raise their concern about these subject matters being taught in school. They’re becoming aware of the material being delivered—and they do not agree with it—particularly in relation to gender fluidity . . . [They] stated that parents should have the right to withdraw their children from classes on gender fluidity . . . A group of transgender activists disrupted the hearing and had to be escorted out by security! This was yet another example of how intense the battle is for our kids.”

Yes, there’s a battle for our kids raging through the nations. Most of the younger generations are being brainwashed and captured by the world.

Western cultures used to be permeated by the Judeo-Christian ethic but today are permeated by a secular worldview and moral relativism.

In the US, as well as Australia and the rest of the Western world, the battles over transgender and other moral issues are boiling. Christian freedoms are being lost in the West. Many in the younger generations have left the church, and church attendance is dramatically down compared to recent generations. Western cultures used to be permeated by the Judeo-Christian ethic but today are permeated by a secular worldview and moral relativism.

Why and how did this happen? And what can God’s people do about it? I answer these questions (and numerous others) in my new book Divided Nation: A Culture in Chaos and a Conflicted Church.

I outline where I believe there has been a general failure to teach and deal with four main areas:

  1. There is no neutral position.
  2. There is no nonreligious position.
  3. We need to teach apologetics.
  4. We need to teach foundationally so that Christians have a truly Christian (not simply a “Christianized”) worldview.
“These are perilous times for Christians. A crisis of biblical illiteracy in the church has made us an easy target of the enemy of our soul. As a result, bold lies are tearing at the fabric of our families, our churches, and our nation. Ken Ham understands this and knows that the only antidote to a bold lie is bold truth. In Divided Nation, Mr. Ham outlines the issues with biblical clarity and calls Christians back to a place of biblical authority, starting at home. Every committed Christian needs a copy of this timely book!”
—Heidi St. John, author, speaker, host of Off the Bench with Heidi St. John, and the founder of MomStrongInternational.com

The illustrations I show in presentations on this topic are included in full-color versions throughout this book—and it’s beautifully produced as a hardcover. There are also links to all the illustrations so that pastors, teachers, and others can use my slides to present the information to their church or group in PowerPoint, Keynote, etc. I encourage you to give this book to your church leaders and encourage them to use the slides and preach this message in church and to others.

I believe the message of Divided Nation can revolutionize how churches and families teach the coming generations. It is available from the Answers in Genesis online store (AnswersBookstore.com) and at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum.

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