Scientist Inclusion Procedure

The purpose of our list of creation scientists is to show the world that there are qualified scientists doing important research who accept the biblical account of origins. It is not a comprehensive list by any means and there are quite a few scientists who opt not to be on the public list and for good reasons. Inclusion on the list should also not be considered an award.

We prefer to list scientists holding doctorates, though in some cases, we will accept those with master’s degrees (and, in some rare cases, bachelor’s degrees) who have “proven” themselves in research or science writing. (After all, Isaac Newton earned only a bachelor’s degree and an honorary master’s degree.)

We actually maintain two lists:

  1. A public list of scientists available on our website.
  2. A private list that is kept in-house. These people—as well as those on the public list—may be invited to write or review an article for our website or magazine and are instrumental in providing advice and helping us maintain sound scientific arguments, as illustrated by the principle “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17).

We encourage scientists interested in being on AiG’s creation scientists list to submit a “Scientist Quick Fact Sheet“ to begin the process.

The scientist will then be asked to submit electronically the following four items:

  1. Signed copy of our Statement of Faith indicating adherence to it.
  2. Resume/CV.
  3. Brief written Christian testimony.
  4. List of two or three references, with contact information, preferably from biblical Christians or scientists we also know (e.g., other scientists on the AiG list and, additionally, one from a current pastor). We may contact the references, as well as the scientist being considered, to discuss the scientist’s beliefs.

We need to know someone very well before we place a scientist’s name on our list, so patience and understanding is important.


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