Southern California Seminary

El Cajon, CA

  • President

    Gary Coombs
  • Academic Dean

    Christopher Cone
  • Bible Chair

    James Fazio
  • Science Chair

    Tom Lewis

SCS is a private institution of higher education dedicated to teaching from the inerrant Word of God.

Here you will learn about God from His book – the Bible. As a ministry of Shadow Mountain Community Church, under the leadership of Dr. David Jeremiah, SCS offers the highest quality of biblical education with a tuition that is refreshingly affordable.

The mission of Southern California Seminary is to bring glory to God by assisting local churches to equip believers of various cultures and languages to live and minister biblically based on the inerrant Word of God. This equipping includes building biblical knowledge, Christian character, and ministry skills—all at modest tuition.

At Southern California Seminary, we teach the Bible first and foremost. It is our main textbook. It is the grid through which all life is evaluated. We believe that our seminary exists to equip and train godly men and women to know the Word, apply the Word and to use God’s inerrant Word both in ministry and vocational settings.

The great commission given to us by our Lord demands that we make disciples of all nations. It is our desire to reach out to as many peoples of the world as we possibly can. SCS Alumni are serving in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, the Philippines, China, Japan, India, England, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Cape Verde, Bahrain, and certain other Middle-Eastern countries, and twenty-nine of the United States, including chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces. Where will you serve?

If anything here resonates with your desires, perhaps Southern California Seminary is the place for you.



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