Northern Ireland—Conclusion

by Dr. Tommy Mitchell on December 9, 2011

I am now in London, taking a few days with Liz to see the sights. Feeling very tired, but very encouraged by all that happened on our Northern Ireland tour. As I think back . . .

I was privileged to speak in every county in Northern Ireland and slept in all but one. We drove hundreds of miles, although an exact count was not kept. I met loads of wonderful, dedicated Christians. I experienced the hospitality of pastors and missionaries who opened their homes to Neil and me. I never went hungry. I consumed more tea than I ever imagined (there is not a break in any activity in Northern Ireland that is not accompanied by the consumption of tea or coffee, all in all, not a bad tradition).

I drove by historic golf courses, saw beautiful coastlines, and got terribly homesick. One of the most amazing events of the week was that I got a ride in a $250,000 supercar. A member of one of the churches where I spoke was a member of a supercar club, and he took me for a ride. So this is what I did that morning instead of preaching (don’t tell Ken Ham):

A wee drive in the country . . .

So here we are—the tour is complete. I am very encouraged by the testimonies I received from those who came to the events. I am certain that many things will come to mind over the next few weeks as I have time to contemplate all the happened during our tour. It was an amazing adventure and a time of great blessing for both Neil and me.

Thanks for all your prayers! I really need a nap.


Driving in Omagh

Raining...and cold


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