10 Days on the Road

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I'm finally home after a 10-day road trip. I had the opportunity of speaking at three different places while I was away.

I began in Princeton, West Virginia, where I spoke at the Chuck Mathena Center. Attendance there was terrific. Several churches came together to hold this conference, and it was apparent how much time they spent promoting the meetings. I even had a bluegrass group open the sessions each evening!

Next, I spoke at Appalachian Bible College in Mount Hope, West Virginia. This college has been a longtime friend of Answers in Genesis, and we have always appreciated their strong stand on Genesis and the authority of Scripture. It is always fun to spend time with college students. It helps me remember how enthusiastic I was at that age!

Finally, I was honored to be asked to speak on Easter Sunday at Maxwell Hill Baptist Church in Beckley, West Virginia. It is not often that a pastor will ask someone else to fill his pulpit on this special day. I spoke on the connection between Genesis and the Cross.

I will get my laundry done over the next couple of days, and then I’m off again. I will be in Durham, North Carolina, this weekend.

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