A Very Perceptive Young Man

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I spoke in Georgia last weekend. While I was there I had the pleasure of seeing a young man that I met last year at the Creation Museum. His name is Michael Patrick McGuiness. He is really a fan of Answers in Genesis. This is what he told me:

My family and I really enjoyed hearing you speak in Hazlehurst, GA this weekend and we are very glad we drove in from Savannah to hear you. When I said I wanted to go hear you speak, my Dad suggested we wait three weeks and see Ken Ham in Greenville, SC but I insisted I wanted to hear you. Being a fellow southerner, I appreciate hearing your distinguished accent and I thoroughly enjoy the humor you use in your presentations. Also, I don’t have any trouble understanding you like can sometimes happen when listening to someone from another continent.

Here is a photo of the two of us.

Obviously, this young man is wise beyond his years. With his insight he has a great future ahead of him. Yes, there is something about those accents from other continents . . .

I’m off to Virginia this weekend. Pray for heart and minds to be changed!

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