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I just returned from Erie, Pennsylvania, where I spoke for three days at Walnut Creek Baptist Church. There was a packed house for every session of the conference.

I had the opportunity to speak to many who attended. There were people who had driven over two hours to come and hear the presentations. Over and over, I heard how excited people were about what they had learned. Many told me that they were greatly encouraged by the ministry of Answers in Genesis.

The sad thing was that, along with many of these wonderful testimonies, I was told time and time again, “my church won’t do anything like this!” It breaks my heart that for many people the preaching and teaching of Genesis as real history is a new concept. In fact, several people told me that in their home church the idea of a young earth is ridiculed.

One lady related to me that her pastor told her not to come to the conference because she didn’t need to hear “nonsense like that!” She went home with an armful of books and DVDs for her pastor. Her parting words to me were, “I love my pastor. He is a very good man. I want him to know that there are answers to these questions.”

I thank the Lord for this precious lady. Her sweet spirit and her desire to stand boldly on the Word of God encouraged me. We all need to pray that this pastor’s eyes will be opened and his heart softened to this issue.

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