Golf with Pap

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I just finished a three-day conference at First Baptist Church in Tullahoma, Tennessee. This church had previously hosted me for a smaller event in 2006, and they wanted me to come back for a larger conference. It was fun to renew old friendships and to meet many new people.

The day after the conference, I had a chance to take a day off. My father and one of his friends drove down to meet me, and we all had a great day on the golf course. (Actually, based on the final score, my dad had more fun than I did, but that’s another story.) I don’t get to see my father very often because it seems I’m on the road all the time, so it was a treat to get to spend the day with him.

I’m home this weekend for a joyous time of lawn-mowing and weed-eating! Keep on praying.

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