It Was Cold in Missouri!

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The 2010 conference season is off to a great start!

Last weekend I traveled to Missouri where I had the honor of speaking at two wonderful churches. In spite of the snow and unseasonably cold weather, attendance at these meetings was better than expected.

On Saturday night, I spoke at Open Range Fellowship in Lone Jack, MO. The folks there describe themselves as a “cowboy church.” A standing-room-only crowd enthusiastically received a message on the relevance of Genesis. Many people spoke with me afterwards and shared testimonies about how they were encouraged by the ministry of Answers in Genesis. The most touching comment was waiting for me in my email inbox when I returned from the trip. On the Sunday AM after the meeting, a church member approached one of the seminar organizers. His report of this conversation was “Dr. Mitchell’s explanation of the Creator God has changed her life forever. Now she can gaze into the face of God and truly know him.”

Sunday’s sessions were at Summit Woods Baptist Church in Lees Summit, MO. Five presentations were given over the course of the day. I heard time after time how people were encouraged by what they heard. The most asked question of the day was “How do I find out more about this?” There was obviously a great deal of interest in our resources.

This should not be surprising, however. I find that Christians are truly hungry for answers: answers that strengthen them and renew their confidence in the authority of God’s Word.

The hospitality extended to me by both congregations will not soon be forgotten. It was indeed a special time of fellowship. I will continue to pray for these fine churches as they strive to make a difference for Jesus Christ in their community.

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