Bulgaria Part 1

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I just arrived in Bulgaria yesterday for seven days of speaking in various cities.

Today Darin (the leading creationist in Bulgaria) will take me to Varna, a university town. I will speak at a biological university for a meeting organized by Campus Crusade for Christ. There should be a lot of non-believers present, so this will be a good opportunity for creation evangelism. Last night as I had supper with Darin, his wife, and a Campus Crusade couple that I knew vaguely from when I served with CCC in Eastern Europe. They had personally invited 30 people to the lecture, all of whom said they would come. Some are professors, too.

I will speak on “Ape-men: the Grand Illusion.” Please pray that minds and hearts will be convicted of that truth as I expose the scientific fraud of human evolution and explain the truth from Scripture about the origin of man and “races.” I will close by drawing out the personal implications in terms of morality, purpose, and meaning in life, and call them to repentance and faith in Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will do His work and that many of these students will be won to Christ tonight or in the near future. Pray, too, that the Christians will be encouraged and emboldened in their faith. And please pray for Darin as he translates for me.

Thanks for praying.


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