Introducing John Mackay: UK Creation Mega Conference 2017, Inspiring a Genesis Reformation

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In 1977, two Australian schoolteachers, John MacKay and Ken Ham, began a creation ministry that started in their home and has gone on to greatly impact the world. John continues with his creation apologetics ministry, Creation Research, speaking across Australia and other parts of the world. I believe you would be fascinated to hear John speak at the upcoming Mega Conference in October. Here is more information about him.

The Aussie Creation Guy John Mackay runs Down Under and is well-known for his debates against the world’s leading evolutionists, as well as for his fossil field trip finds which point to the glory of God as both Creator and Judge. As one of the key speakers at the 2017 UK conference, John’s topics include a fun yet serious exposé of Brian Cox and others in his talk “Cox and Co”—referring to the chief critics of creation and Creator. Plus get an exciting look at the latest fabulous experiments at the Creation Museum Down Under, Jurassic Ark—experiments on rapid processes dealing with fossil and cave formation, Noah’s Flood, and all key pointers to a young earth. John and his young UK Creation Research colleague, Joseph Hubbard, will share the special kid’s program with Dinos4KIDS—a program that is fun, factual, and faith building, and suits kids from 7–700 years old! They won’t want to miss hearing about John’s dinosaur finds that are solid evidence of God’s judgement in the Flood. Learn more about John and catch up with the answers he gives to questions from around the world at

This is a great opportunity to hear one of the world’s leading biblical-creationist apologists speak on how science confirms the truth of biblical history. Remember, the early bird discount for the conference finishes on June 30. Book now so you don’t miss out!

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