It’s Time for the Atheists to Get Mad at Me Again for Halloween

by Ken Ham on September 12, 2023
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So why would internet atheists be mad at me or Answers in Genesis for Halloween? Well, nearly every year, I promote our witnessing tools—tracts, booklets, etc.—and encourage families to hand them out (with a treat of course!) to their neighbors and share the good news of Christ on the only day when your neighbors will come knocking, sometimes by the hundreds. And every year, this gets atheists all upset!

Some atheists will blog about it; others will comment on Facebook or Twitter. They all accuse us of ruining a childhood tradition and laugh that kids won’t like getting a tract when they expect candy! Well, I never encourage people to only hand out tracts or booklets, and anyway, we find that most kids are excited to be handed a million-dollar bill or fun illusion with their candy.

So despite the atheists’ objections, I am going to promote Halloween resources for you and your family yet again—because the message of Jesus’ death on the cross and victory over the grave is the best message (and the best “treat”) any child or adult can receive! And this will give these atheists some purpose and meaning in life in attacking us. Actually, if it wasn’t a spiritual issue, why would they bother anyway?

To help prepare you to share Christ this Halloween, consider:

  • Our Halloween Learn & Share Kit. This includes 5 A Biblical and Historical Look at Halloween booklets, a fascinating Halloween, Paganism, and the Bible DVD, 100 “Dino-Bucks” gospel tracts (million-dollar bills featuring a dinosaur illustration), and 100 “Noah’s Ark” million-dollar bills.
  • Our Halloween Outreach Pack. This pack features a copy of our Satan & the Serpent pocket guide, the Halloween, Paganism, and the Bible DVD, The Fall of Satan book, and either 50 A Biblical and Historical Look at Halloween booklets or 100 “Curved Illusion” tracts.
  • Or find our A Biblical and Historical Look at Halloween booklets in various size packs.
  • Our friends over at the evangelism ministry Living Waters also have a Halloween Outreach Box available that gives you four different styles of tracts (400 total tracts). Living Waters calls Halloween “National Evangelism Day” (and reminds you to “be sure to give candy with your tracts”!) because it’s such a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with others.

We hope you find these resources helpful as you engage with your neighbors for the glory of God!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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