Why Does the Hotel Industry Love Us?

by Ken Ham on May 21, 2024
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Did you know the local hotel industry loves the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter? The reason why is obvious—it’s because of the enormous number of guests these attractions bring to the area.

Answers in Genesis has a program called “Partner Hotels” where vetted hotels can be on a list on the Ark and Creation Museum websites. Before being allowed into the program, each hotel is thoroughly checked out to make sure it is of a standard we can recommend.

Last Tuesday, AiG hosted a luncheon at the Creation Museum’s Legacy Hall for many of the hotel representatives who participate in our program.

  • Hotel Luncheon
  • Hotel Luncheon

I had the opportunity to speak and to show these hotel representatives all the exciting additions we are currently working on—such as the conservatory complex (it will be the biggest conservatory in Kentucky and will house plants of the Bible); the zoo expansion at the Creation Museum; and the new drop-off area, Welcome Center, and Jerusalem building at the Ark Encounter. There are so many other projects we are also working on.

It's estimated that somewhere between 20–30 hotels have been built primarily because of the impact of our attractions. I've included a photo of yet another hotel being constructed in the area (Florence) that will open in October. They expect many of their guests will be visiting the Ark and Creation Museum attractions.

  • Hotel construction
  • Hotel construction

When we first opened the attractions, there was a lack of hotels in the area, and so we are thankful that so many more have now been built. Oh, and hotel staff have raved to me about the AiG attractions’ guests as they are so polite and have so many well-behaved children.

You can find a list of our partner hotels for the Ark Encounter on the Ark Encounter’s website and also at the Creation Museum website.

These attractions are having a significant spiritual impact on millions of individuals and families as they’re pointing to Christ and the truth of his Word.

There’s no doubt the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum have had a significant economic impact on Kentucky by bringing in hundreds of millions of tourism dollars (tens of millions each year). But, even more importantly, these attractions are having a significant spiritual impact on millions of individuals and families as they’re pointing to Christ and the truth of his Word.

Join the millions from across the USA and around the world who have visited the Ark and Creation Museum, and travel to Northern Kentucky to see the two leading Christian themed attractions in the world.

Visit ArkEncounter.com and CreationMuseum.org.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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