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by Ken Ham on March 29, 2024
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When you visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter exhibits, make sure you take time to look at all the items in each one and think about them in light of a biblical worldview beginning with Genesis 1–11.

Many people don’t realize there is so much more to each exhibit than the focal point that first catches their attention. For instance, take the animatronic Methuselah exhibit at the Creation Museum. You may just see Methuselah and hear him give his message (which is an important one to listen to).

But if you then look around the exhibit and ponder all you observe, you may note:

  • The food is all vegetarian, representing how God had given only plants and fruit to eat until after the flood when he told Noah the human diet could now include animals (Genesis 9:3).
  • There are scrolls representing the written records: “These are the generations of Adam” (Genesis 5:1). Perhaps this refers to Adam and subsequent generations keeping written records.
  • Bronze bowls and musical instruments representing those mentioned in Genesis 4. Within seven generations of Adam, people were using bronze and iron to make musical instruments. This highlights man’s intelligence from the beginning.
  • The beautiful clothing Methuselah has on, which illustrates the intricate art forms intelligent man could have produced. Man was highly intelligent right from the beginning. He didn’t go through a so-called “primitive” stage.
  • Methuselah exhibit
  • Basket of apples
  • Bread
  • Scrolls, instruments, baskets, and gourds
  • Instrument
  • Bowl
  • Bronze object
  • Methuselah
  • Methuselah clothing

So when you visit our attractions, take time to look carefully at all the items in the exhibits and ponder what these details are also teaching us!

Easter Living History Experience at the Creation Museum

Living History is coming to the Creation Museum this Friday and Saturday for Easter weekend, March 29–30, 2024.

What’s “living history”? It’s an exciting event for Creation Museum guests, featuring talented staff in accurately recreated costumes presenting details on the historical background of Easter and Passover.

And it’s a free event with your Creation Museum admission! Enjoy learning more about first-century Israel—it will be a very unique experience.

Plan to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky over Easter. Maybe even consider buying an annual “family bouncer pass” so you can attend various special events throughout the year.

Visit to learn more.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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