What’s New at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter?

by Ken Ham on March 20, 2024
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Just before I left the USA for my homeland of Australia to speak at the Living in Babylon tour alongside Martyn Iles, I spoke with Lee Ann Mancini on the Raising Christian Kids Podcast. Lee Ann has been a big fan of the ministry and wanted to discuss the latest updates on new resources, exhibits, and building projects at the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. She has been to both attractions and highly recommends them.

New Ark Encounter Additions

For the Ark Encounter, I mentioned one of our newer exhibits, which opened last May: the Torah scroll on the third deck of the Ark. It is housed in a large case and is unrolled through Genesis (and part of Exodus). It spans roughly 40 feet from the beginning of Genesis through Exodus 18. We also have much teaching and various artifacts associated with this stunning exhibit.

Torah scroll exhibit

I also discussed that we’re adding a new third deck exhibit on Noah’s ark models, collected from all over the world as part of the Flood Legends exhibit. Some are definitely “bathtub arks,” but it is fascinating to see how different cultures all over the world, with their own flood legends, pictured the vessel that saved humanity and terrestrial animal kinds. And it’s fascinating to consider how these depictions contrast with the biblical account. Most of these ark depictions were based on stories passed down orally from people with no knowledge of the biblical account, yet they contain many similarities with Genesis 6–9.

(Note: this podcast was pre-recorded, so the new Arks from Around the World exhibit is now complete and available for Ark Encounter guests to enjoy!)

Arks from Around the World exhibit

What’s New at the Creation Museum

Next, Lee Ann and I talked about what’s new and exciting at the Creation Museum. I told her about the new Conservatory under construction, which consists of four glass greenhouses. It is being built to raise and house the plants of the Bible. Different biomes and different seasons will be exhibited in these unique climate-controlled glass-house environments. There will be a classroom and educational center associated with it, as well as a dinosaur dig for kids. What an exciting way to see the Bible come to life! I also mentioned the expansion of the Eden Animal Experience, which is being enlarged and moved into the botanical gardens and will include new animals.

New Conservatory under construction

Lee Ann was gracious enough to mention that the animatronics at both locations are excellent and blow away other attractions. She also likes the gift shops at both locations, for both resources and merchandise.

New Resources

Speaking of resources, that was our next segment, as Lee Ann asked what new kids’ resources were out or coming soon. I told her about the Mrs. C and Me curriculum, designed for K–2nd grade students in Sunday schools, homeschools, or small groups and is now available in the AiG online store. I also mentioned Truths for Toddlers, an oversized book with five big Bible truths (and also with tear- and water-resistant paper) designed for kids ages one through three.

Because we live in such an anti-biblical and secularized culture, I also mentioned our two-book pack Why Did God Make Me?. These books give answers to the inevitable questions (especially in this age) of “Why did God make me a boy?” and “Why did God make me a girl?” And due to the prevalent influence of evolutionary teaching, I also wanted to highlight our Awesome Facts About Animals book that teaches children (and adults) ages 7 and up awesome facts about animals, along with truths about creation and animal kinds. Lastly, I mentioned one of our newest Answers TV programs, Lily’s Lab. I even discussed my cell-phone chat with Lily. You can watch a promo of this series here:

I closed out the interview with this warning to parents: “If we don’t get them young, the world will. Do we want the world to capture them for the devil, or are we going to raise them up for the Lord?” Lee Ann thanked me (and I thank her for the great work she is doing in serving the Lord). You can listen to the entire 15-minute podcast here.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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