Who Am I? God’s Word Gives Answers to This Burning Question

by Ken Ham on February 6, 2024
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It’s an ultimate question: Who am I? And, according to our culture today, the ultimate answer to this vital question (with far-reaching implications!) is how we feel about ourselves—what our passions, desires, and emotions tell us about ourselves. That is ultimate (though it changes constantly), and that is what answers the question, “Who am I?”

But this “solution” isn’t working! There’s never been a generation more confused about who they are as they constantly seek to find something new to satisfy their longing for answers and an identity. But as Christians, we have the answers social media influencers, new age gurus, and celebrities claim to have, because we have the eternal Word of God. And because God wrote his Word to be for all people, in all cultures, and in all times, it’s extremely relevant to our day—including its answers to this question of identity. And, of course, the answers are found in Genesis! After all, Genesis 1–11 is the foundation for everything.

Martyn Iles, AiG’s Executive CEO, has a series called “Truth in 10” where he shares relevant truths from Genesis in just 10 minutes. Recently, he spoke on this issue of identity, answering our culture’s longing from God’s Word. I encourage you to watch and share this video.

And I’m excited to announce that Martyn’s first book, Who Am I? Solving the Identity Puzzle, is now available for preorder. This book is a must-read for every young person and for all those who care about young people. In Who Am I? Martyn gives concrete answers to the questions of “What is a man?” and “What is a woman?”—something our culture, including leading politicians, can no longer answer! But we can answer that question in detail because we have the unchanging, eternal Word of God.

I strongly encourage you to order a copy (or several to give away) of this valuable and highly relevant resource. Visit Answers Bookstore to learn more.

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