Mrs. C Is Here to Teach Your Kids the Foundational History of God’s Word

by Ken Ham on September 8, 2023
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When you visit the Creation Museum, you’ll discover the backbone of all the exhibits is really the 7 C’s—the Bible’s foundational history from Genesis to Revelation: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. This history is so foundational, and so memorable for kids, that we use it in a variety of our resources as well (such as our 2024 Answers VBS, The Great Jungle Journey).

When we were first constructing the Creation Museum, I gave our head exhibit designer, the late Patrick Marsh, the script of the 7 C’s of History. I had this burden from back in the ’70s in my school teaching days that people needed to understand the history God revealed to us in his Word chronologically so they would interpret every aspect of life and the universe correctly.

I have heard of people teaching the 7 C’s of History all over the world. In Spanish, they are still 7 C’s. In other languages, like Chinese, they are taught as 7 Eras. And so on.

Our four-year Sunday school/Bible curriculum, Answers Bible Curriculum, is actually based on the 7 C’s. We have a large 7 C’s time chart available. Like I said, we use the 7 C’s in a variety of ways because it’s such a helpful and memorable teaching tool!

And now you can easily take that teaching home for kindergarten through grade 2 (or even higher). An exciting new resource, Mrs. C & Me: Journey Through the 7 C’s, features Mrs. C and her young friends as they guide your students in an exploration of the Bible through the lens of the 7 C’s of History with engaging animated videos and in-depth Bible teaching along with real-world applications, activities, games, arts and crafts, science experiments, and more. It can be used as a series for Sunday school, homeschool, Christian school, family devotions, and so on. It’s very flexible.

  • Mrs. C and Me
  • Mrs. C and Me
  • Mrs. C and Me
  • Mrs. C and Me
  • Mrs. C and Me
  • Mrs. C and Me
  • Mrs. C and Me
  • Mrs. C and Me

To launch Mrs. C & Me, we are featuring a special discounted price, so now is a great time to order for your home or church. I encourage you to learn more about this exciting resource at

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