Contending for a Biblical Worldview, October 3–5, 2023

by Ken Ham on January 21, 2023
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What is a biblical worldview? Well, simply put, it’s a set of beliefs based on God’s Word through which you view and interpret the world (and that, of course, impacts your actions). Research indicates that, sadly, only 6% of US adults have a truly biblical worldview (and only 2% of parents of young children have one!)—and yet a biblical worldview is vital! So how can pastors, Christian leaders, and parents contend for a biblical worldview to pass it along to others?

Well, we want to equip you to do just that with practical answers at our Answers for Pastors and Leaders Conference, October 3–5, 2023, at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky. This conference is specifically designed for pastors and leaders, but we welcome everyone (especially parents) to attend. Our conferences are always these three things:

There’s no “fluff” at our conferences—we really dig into God’s Word and provide real “meat” for you to chew on.
  1. Rich and “meaty.” There’s no “fluff” at our conferences—we really dig into God’s Word and provide real “meat” for you to chew on. That’s why attendees come back year after year! We teach the meat of the Word.
  2. Practical. We don’t just want to give you head knowledge, we also want to give you practical action points so you can take what you are learning and implement it in your churches, ministries, communities, and homes.
  3. Encouraging. Gathering together with like-minded believers from across the nation (and even the world) is extremely encouraging. Our conference attendees love the networking with other churches and believers.

So, what can you expect for our 2023 conference? Well, this conference, in partnership with Grace to You and Living Waters, will feature teaching from me and a whole host of phenomenal presenters:

  • Grace to You’s Phil Johnson
  • Astronaut Jeff Williams
  • Darrell Harrison of the Just Thinking podcast
  • Emeal “E. Z.” Zwayne of Living Waters
  • Mark Spence of Living Waters
  • Canadian pastor Dr. James Coates (you may remember him—he was arrested for keeping his church open during the lockdowns)
  • Australian Christian Lobby managing director Martyn Iles

You’ll also enjoy refreshing times of worship with Michael O’Brien. Registration includes seven-day admission to both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum and free parking. Be sure to register soon—the early bird savings of $60 ends March 31, 2023.

We hope to see you there!

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