Looking for a Christian College? Don’t Miss Creation College Expo 2022

by Ken Ham on September 20, 2022
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Trying to choose a college can be a challenging task—after all, there are many options! That’s why college expos are so helpful. You can visit one-on-one with representatives from a variety of schools, all in one day. And our Creation College Expo is even better than that because we only include schools that hold to biblical authority and biblical (young-earth) creation! (Now, we always encourage prospective students to check out every professor whose classes they are interested in to be sure of the stand the professors take.) This Expo really helps narrow the field for those looking for a truly Bible-based Christian college.

We want you to find a school that takes God’s Word seriously, allowing it to be the authority in all areas, including history and science.

This event is free and takes place at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, November 3–5, 2022, south of Cincinnati. It’s designed to help students in grades 7–12 find a Christian college—but not just any Christian college. We want you to find a school that takes God’s Word seriously, allowing it to be the authority in all areas, including history and science.

As I said, Creation College Expo is free for students in grades 7–12—and it includes a T-shirt and admission to the Ark Encounter (and 20% off admission for accompanying immediate family as well as 20% off admission to the Creation Museum for the students and their immediate family members). You’ll also learn from our special speakers: Bill Jack of Worldview Academy and AiG’s Patricia Engler, Bryan Osborne, Tim Chaffey, and me. We want you to come and learn about your post-secondary options but also get equipped with answers from God’s Word to the questions of our day while you tour the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum and learn from our speakers.

You can see a list of schools participating in this year’s Expo at our events page. And please note that although this is a free event, students need to register to attend. You can either register from the above link on our events page or directly at the EventBrite site.

New This Year

And, new this year, we’re offering a special Answers for Educators VIP Experience during the college expo. This red-carpet experience is for K–12 school leadership so you can learn about the educational opportunities that Answers in Genesis has to offer, including our hands-on science programs and our coming Christian school Bible curriculum. Special promotions and giveaways will take place, and lunch is included. This event is also free, but registration is limited, so be sure to secure your spot right away.

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