Christmas in July? Celebrate the Creator and Savior All Year with Fun Crafts

by Ken Ham on July 20, 2022
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God’s Word commands parents to talk about God and his commandments constantly with their children (Deuteronomy 6:7) and for one generation to pass the truth about God on to the next (Psalm 145:4). This teaching can come naturally when you’re outside enjoying his creation. You spot a bird and talk about the One who made it to soar in the sky. See a wildflower? Point out the Author of beauty.

But what about when you’re doing inside activities?

Ruth Carter (who has conducted many children’s workshops at the Creation Museum) has written a fun new book, Creation Fun with the Grandkids, that’s filled with activities to inspire conversations about the Creator. It’s specifically for grandparents, but it’s a wonderful resource for moms and dads as well (and it’s perfect for rainy or really hot days this summer!)

Or consider doing a Christmas craft to celebrate “Christmas in July” and specifically remember Christ this month. With detailed instructions and lists of materials needed, it’s easy to gather everything you need for the craft. Then each craft concludes with a suggested “creation moment,” tying the craft or activity to foundational biblical truths.

You can see an example of how easy it is to incorporate just a short creation moment with your children into an activity in this video from one of our staff members, Avery Schu (Foley), and her kids (you might recognize the children from the creation program Schus Off! on Answers TV):

You can find Creation Fun with the Grandkids at

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