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by Ken Ham on March 22, 2022
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Have you explored the wide variety of content on Answers TV yet? Answers TV is our award-winning and powerful streaming platform. With over 5,000 videos now featured, there’s something for everyone in the family, from creationist nature programs to entertaining children’s shows to in-depth technical presentations in science and theology to music and more! New programs arrive regularly, including originals you can’t see anywhere else. And here’s just some of what’s new:

  • Lost in a Sea of Relativity: Discover why a consistent atheist is forced to believe that there are no moral absolutes and that people have the right to decide for themselves about right and wrong if there is no God. This fascinating look at atheism by AiG–Canada’s Calvin Smith will equip you to challenge the atheistic worldview with logic, reason, and, most importantly, biblical truth.
  • Unlocking Science, Season 3, Episodes 7–12: Roger Patterson—“Mr. P”—is everyone’s favorite science teacher, and five new episodes of his popular hands-on program arrived earlier this month to Answers TV. Watch Mr. P build a battery, take a safari trip in a drop of pondwater, play disc golf along with Mr. P, and discover what cabbage juice can tell us about chemistry in these brand-new episodes.
  • Hike & Seek, Season 2: Wild Winter: It’s spring, but in many places it still feels like winter. Celebrate winter (or the fact that it’s done for the year!) with a chilly exploration to see how animals such as snowy owls, trumpeter swans, cougars, wolves, groundhogs, and reindeer survive the winter cold. Host Peter Schriemer does more than provide fascinating commentary on God’s creation—he honors the Creator and teaches biblical worldview lessons along the way. (More of his Hike & Seek episodes are coming soon.) Hike & Seek won the “Television Program of the Year” award at the National Religious Broadcaster’s 2022 Convention in Nashville earlier this month.
    • Hike & Seek
    • Hike & Seek
    • Hike & Seek
    • Hike & Seek
  • Journey Through the Ark Encounter: Enjoy a virtual tour through the life-size Noah’s Ark and grounds in N. Kentucky with Peter Schriemer and discover the incredible truth that the flood was a historical event and Noah really did build an ark. Whether you’ve been to the Ark already or are hoping to visit someday, you’ll love this special tour.
  • Building Blocks with Bryan and Avery, Year 2: Children love this fun chronological tour through the Bible with AiG’s Bryan Osborne and Avery Foley. This series (which is designed to accompany our Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool but also works on its own) will be four years in length. The first two years are complete and are featured exclusively on Answers TV. Enjoy teaching for children (and, really, the whole family) on Bible events in Genesis through the Assyrian captivity with Years 1 and 2 of Building Blocks.
  • And more!

You can enjoy all of this content—plus thousands of other programs—with a free seven-day trial of Answers TV. A one-month subscription is only $4.99 a month (or $39.99 for a whole year) and is a wonderful way to equip your family with answers to defend their faith and help them build a more biblical worldview.

Start your free trial today at Answers.tv.

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