A Four-Year Walk Through the Bible for K–5th Grade

Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool is a four-year, chronological walk through the Bible—and Year 2 is now available!

by Ken Ham on February 5, 2022
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This unique curriculum emphasizes biblical authority, creation and general Bible apologetics, doctrine, the attributes of God, and the gospel from Genesis to Revelation. It’s a wonderful way to teach your children God’s Word and sound doctrine.

This curriculum is designed for mom or dad to teach all students at the same time, then each student (Level K–5) completes age-appropriate learning activities in the full-color workbook. It’s easy-to-use and designed with the whole family in mind (we even have a video on how to include older students).

Year 1 of ABC for Homeschool covered the entire book of Genesis, as well as foundational teaching about God and his Word. Year 2 jumps in with the book of Exodus and continues to the Assyrian captivity of Israel, covering the books of Exodus through 2 Chronicles, Jonah, Amos, and Hosea, along with Psalms and Proverbs.

Here are just some of the themes students will study in Year 2 over 36 lessons:

  • God’s protection and provision of his people, first in Egypt and then through the wilderness years and as a recognized nation
  • The true history of Israel leading up to the Assyrian captivity, identifying attributes of God displayed in God’s care for his people, learning practical lessons from the victories and failures of Israel, and recognizing how the Old Testament continually points to Jesus
  • The continuing theme of God’s plan of redemption, which began in Genesis

If you haven’t tried Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool, I encourage you to do so now—you will love the in-depth content, the fun lesson sheets, and the accompanying teaching videos, Building Blocks, from AiG’s Bryan Osborne and Avery Foley.

Children need a solid foundation in and deep knowledge of God’s Word to thrive and develop a biblical worldview.

Children need a solid foundation in and deep knowledge of God’s Word to thrive and develop a biblical worldview. Equip them by studying through the whole Bible together with this in-depth and easy-to-use curriculum. You can find Year 1 and now Year 2 (with Year 3 coming 2023 and Year 4 arriving in 2024) at AnswersBibleCurriculum.com.

Answers Bible Curriculum includes teaching on apologetics, biblical authority, biblical worldview, and doctrine. And it’s chronological. There’s no other curriculum like it in the world!

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