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by Ken Ham on February 4, 2022
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Our Answers for Women conference is coming up on its tenth year—and it just keeps getting larger every year! Women love the solid, in-depth Bible teaching and practical life application, plus touring the life-size Noah’s Ark. As I’ve said before, there’s no “fluff and stuff” at our women’s conference. Instead, women dive deep into God’s Word and a biblical worldview, with great teaching on apologetics. And you can attend our 2022 Answers for Women conference, March 31–April 2, in person at the Ark Encounter south of Cincinnati or by livestreaming the conference.

The conference theme this year is Rooted: Standing Firm in a Twisted World. Engaging, passionate speakers who love God’s Word will give you practical tools for living out your faith in a dark world. Speakers include (and I will be speaking too):

  • Darrell B. Harrison of the Just Thinking podcast
  • Dr. Georgia Purdom of Answers in Genesis
  • Patricia Engler of Answers in Genesis
  • Biblical counselor Martha Peace
  • Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee
  • Cong. Mike Johnson, an attorney who represents Louisiana in the US Congress
  • Bill Jack of Worldview Academy
  • And more!

Performing in concert, and giving her powerful testimony, will be Grammy-, Billboard-, and Dove-Award–winning artist Laura Story, known for her platinum hit “Blessings.”

You don’t want to miss this conference! I encourage you to attend in person, if at all possible, and enjoy the special fellowship with hundreds of other like-minded women. But we are also offering a livestream option through Answers TV so you can enjoy the entire conference at home or with your Bible study group, women’s group, or church. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to equip yourself, your daughters, and your church with answers to help them stand rooted in God’s Word in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

Register today to livestream the conference at (you do not need an Answers TV subscription to register and, if you do have an Answers TV subscription, you do need to register for this conference separately) or register to attend in-person on our events page. The life-size Noah’s Ark is just a short walk from the Answers Center (where the conference will be held) on the Ark Encounter grounds, by the way.

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