Tribute to a Creation Scientist: Dr. Kevin Anderson

by Ken Ham on January 26, 2022
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We at Answers in Genesis were saddened recently to hear that microbiologist Dr. Kevin Anderson went home to be with the Lord unexpectedly on January 16, 2022. Dr. Anderson was actively involved in full-time creation research, particularly regarding soft tissue in dinosaur and other fossils. Several of our research team staff who knew, worked with, or served with him, wrote short tributes to Dr. Anderson, honoring his work in creation research:

From Dr. Danny Faulkner:

Other than the founders of the Creation Research Society, Kevin Anderson may be the most influential member in the Society’s history. Elected to the Board of Directors in 2003, Kevin soon resigned that position to become an employee of the Society. Kevin moved his family to Chino Valley, Arizona, where he and his wife, Diane, ran the Van Andel Research Center, which effectively became the home office of the Society. About this time, Kevin was named the editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly, a position he held for more than a decade. Kevin oversaw many changes in the way the Society operated. This culminated in the recent move of the Society’s headquarters from Chino Valley to a building on the campus of Arizona Christian University (ACU) in suburban Phoenix. Kevin effectively handled the many details and problems encountered in making this move.

Kevin’s hard work and devotion to the Creation Research Society will be greatly missed.

Many creationists know about iDINO (Investigation of Dinosaur Intact Natural Osteo-tissue), a research project of the Creation Research Society. This project was entirely Kevin’s idea, a project he ran. In planning the move to ACU, Kevin designed the new lab facility to take iDINO to the next stage.

Kevin’s hard work and devotion to the Creation Research Society will be greatly missed. The Society will have difficulty finding the right person to replace him as Director of the lab facility and continue the important iDINO research he began.

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From Dr. Georgia Purdom:

I have known Kevin for over 15 years, and we collaborated and co-authored two papers for the International Conference on Creationism in 2008. We both liked to study and understand microbes from a biblical creation perspective. His research on soft tissue in dinosaur bones was revealing and pointed to the formation of fossils just a few thousand years ago as a result of Noah’s flood. I had the opportunity to visit the new CRS headquarters last summer, and I could tell how proud he was of the new lab and facilities that would serve CRS for many years to come. I always enjoyed talking shop with him, and he will be greatly missed in the biblical creation community.

From Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson:

When I worked at the Institute for Creation Research, Kevin Anderson was my main point person as we sought to bring the two organizations into a closer relationship. I think we both saw a net benefit and possible synergy; he was great colleague to work with, generous, kind, warm-hearted, a leader, and a friend. I will miss him dearly.

We’re thankful for committed scientists, such as Dr. Anderson, who have dedicated their lives to proclaiming the truth of God’s Word and the gospel and providing valuable research and resources to equip the church to do the same. Thank you for your years of faithful service to the Lord, Dr. Anderson.

Please pray that the Lord will raise up more creation scientists like Dr. Anderson to continue vital creationist research.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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