A New Survival Guide for Christian Students

by Ken Ham on January 23, 2022
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University campuses are spiritual battlefields. At secular schools, students will encounter anti-God, anti-biblical ideas presented as fact and often see Christianity, God, and the Bible mocked, ignored, and, in some cases, treated as responsible for the evils in the world. Sadly, even many Christian colleges teach ideas that oppose God’s Word, such as evolution and millions of years.

Students need practical strategies to help them survive—and even thrive—in the worldview battle in the classroom. And that’s exactly what they’ll find in a brand-new book from AiG-Canada’s Patricia Engler, Prepare to Thrive. Patricia is currently at Answers in Genesis–USA to spend time with AiG speakers and researchers. She is also speaking on Saturdays at the Ark Encounter during January and February.

To discover how she could help Christian students not only survive their post-secondary years but come out with a stronger faith in God and in his Word, Patricia enrolled in evolution-heavy classes while completing her science degree. She explains:

I hadn’t used to care much about evolution, until a seminar by Answers in Genesis’ founder, Ken Ham, showed me the consequences of messages that undermine Genesis—including the evolutionary origins message taught in countless classrooms.

Students also need critical thinking tools to think like apologists in response to faith-challenging messages they’ve never heard before.

While experiencing such classes myself, I realized how vitally Christian students need personal foundations, including a close walk with God, mentorship connections, and apologetics training to defend a biblical worldview. Students also need critical thinking tools to think like apologists in response to faith-challenging messages they’ve never heard before.

After graduating, I couldn’t wait to share these tools that helped me survive university. But first, to learn how students in other cultures keep their faith at university, I backpacked 360° around the world in 180 days interviewing Christian students. Those conversations revealed that while the problems students face often vary, the solutions are largely the same. If churches, families, and students focus on these strategic solutions, that could make a difference for equipping future Christian generations worldwide.

Patricia’s new survival guide, Prepare to Thrive, is a book for Christian students (and their parents!). It’s a wonderful resource that every current or future student, parent, pastor, and mentor needs to read.

Order your copy of Prepare to Thrive from AnswersBookstore.com (and consider taking advantage of the bulk discount to get copies for all the students and leadership in your church).

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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