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by Ken Ham on December 10, 2021
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On December 1, 2021, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments that may overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that declared the US Constitution supposedly protects a woman’s “right” to have an abortion.

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Supreme Court upholds the Texas “Heartbeat Bill,” while allowing suits to move forward against the state. This seems to be a positive sign that the Court is allowing recent pro-life legislation to stand. (Source: The Christian Post)

While these powerful arguments were being presented before the justices, apparently a group of pro-death activists stood outside with a banner that read “We are taking abortion pills forever” while they grinned and guzzled water and pills. It was truly sickening to watch—that’s the culture of death (and selfishness) we live in. A culture where young women celebrate the taking of an innocent human life. Are you equipped with answers for this militant activism for death?

Life Is Precious Conference

Get equipped with answers at our upcoming Life Is Precious Conference at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky on January 28, 2022, with Dr. Georgia Purdom, Camille Cates, Stacia McKeever, and me. We will give you biblical and scientific answers that defend the sanctity of human life from the moment of fertilization. Don’t miss this conference!

Registration includes an admission ticket to the life-size Ark Encounter (good through December 31, 2022), an animal encounter, and all teaching sessions. I encourage you to bring as many others as possible to this powerful event.

Zoomerang Showcase

And, for those who are using our pro-life 2022 Answers VBS, Zoomerang, make plans to attend our Zoomerang Showcase event, taking place January 29, 2022. This event is a great way to receive practical help and teaching on how to run a successful VBS this summer. These back-to-back events (which require separate registration) are designed to equip as many church leaders as possible to defend and teach the biblical, pro-life position.

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Register for “Life Is Precious” and our Zoomerang Showcase today.

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