It’s Almost Here! Don’t Miss Raising Godly Generations and the Courageous: Legacy Red Carpet Movie Event

by Ken Ham on October 2, 2021
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It’s almost here! Next week is our Raising Godly Generations conference, October 5–7, 2021, at the Ark Encounter in Northern Kentucky. And we’re very excited to be welcoming hundreds of people from around the country to the Ark Encounter as they receive practical advice on how to raise up godly generations in a secular world from Dr. H.B. Charles Jr., Dr. Conrad Mbewe, Justin Peters, Dennis Rainey, Dr. Dennis Swanberg, and me, with worship led by popular musician Michael O’Brien. And you can still join us!

We strongly encourage parents and grandparents to make plans to attend this year as you will be so blessed and equipped by the theme, Raising Godly Generations.

The conference isn’t sold out yet, so there’s still time for you to register and join the several hundred who are coming. This conference is generally designed for pastors and other Christian leaders but is open to everyone—and we strongly encourage parents and grandparents to make plans to attend this year. You will be so blessed and equipped by the theme, Raising Godly Generations.

Included with each registration is a seven-day pass to visit both the Ark Encounter and the nearby Creation Museum (our first stunning Christian themed attraction), so you can experience the life-size Noah’s Ark, zoos, theaters, “walk through biblical history,” botanical gardens, new Israel exhibit at the Creation Museum called Borderland, and so much more that both attractions have to offer. They’ll love it!

And there’s more! We’re hosting an exclusive red-carpet screening of Courageous Legacy, the Kendrick Brothers’ remastered version of their popular film Courageous, in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the release. It includes new scenes and a new ending that will further encourage godly fathers and their families. Members of the movie cast will also be present for the event (yes, both Kendrick Brothers will be there!)—it’s going to be an exciting special event! And, as an extra-special treat, you can even purchase an additional ticket to enjoy a reception with the cast.

Don’t miss this event! Register today at

Can’t Attend in Person? Join Us on Answers TV

And if you are unable to attend in person, register for the online event, which includes all 10 speaker sessions and the Q&A with the Courageous Legacy cast, streaming through Answers TV. I strongly encourage pastors and parents who can’t attend in person to take advantage of the streaming option!

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