Christmas Is Coming—Get Long Foretold: A Children’s Christmas Play Today

by Ken Ham on September 29, 2021
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Looking for something unique for your church this Christmas? Don’t miss Long Foretold: Journey of the Magi, a children’s Christmas play written by the talented staff at our K-10 Christian school, Twelve Stones Christian Academy. Your church will love how fun, informative, and unique this play is!

I recently chatted with two of the writers of this play. You can enjoy that interview below:

As mentioned in the video, this Christmas play looks at the biblical account of Christ’s birth, focusing on who the magi were, when they would have arrived, what the inn was, and other popular beliefs about Christ’s nativity. It’s a Christmas play like no other, ideal for church and Christian school performances.

It’s a Christmas play like no other, ideal for church and Christian school performances.

We recently received this review of the script:

Long Foretold
Just got our copy. I love that this is a Christmas play for children, fun and cute, but dispels the misinformation that the Wise Men were at Bethlehem and that they were necessarily 3. Explains the significance of the gifts and we also get to meet the antagonist, Herod. — G.D.

Long Foretold is a one-act, 45-minute play, and when you order it, you receive the director’s notes and full production rights to perform it in your church, school, or drama club . . . without additional fees for multiple performances. We encourage you to use this wonderful play for this coming Christmas at your church or school. This unique play strives for biblical accuracy and lays the foundation for the Christmas message, beginning in Genesis.

Order the Long Foretold script at

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