Hear from Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee, Laura Story, Darrell B. Harrison, and More

by Ken Ham on September 22, 2021
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It’s a twisted world—so how can we stand firm? Get equipped to stand rooted in the Word of God in the face of an increasingly hostile world at our 2022 Answers for Women conference, taking place March 31–April 2, 2022, at the Ark Encounter, south of Cincinnati.

During this powerful, three-day event, you’ll hear from Darrell B. Harrison of the Just Thinking podcast, Dr. Georgia Purdom of AiG, biblical counselor Martha Peace, Kyle Mann of The Babylon Bee, Bill Jack of Worldview Academy, Cong. Mike Johnson, an attorney who represents Louisiana in the US Congress, and more. I’ll be speaking as well. Performing in concert, and giving her powerful testimony, will be Grammy-, Billboard-, and Dove-Award-winning artist Laura Story, known for her platinum hit “Blessings.”

It's truly going to be a faith-building conference. Unlike many women’s conferences, Answers for Women conferences have no “fluff and stuff”—they are “meaty” and really dig into the Word of God with practical, real-life application—and they have become very popular. I urge women to come and bring their high-school-age daughters and granddaughters with them. You won’t regret the investment in their faith!

Unlike many women’s conferences, Answers for Women conferences have no “fluff and stuff”—they are “meaty” and really dig into the Word of God, with practical, real-life application.

Registration includes free admission to both the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum 45 minutes away, so you can enjoy the life-size Noah’s Ark with three decks of exhibits, the walk through biblical history at the museum, our Fearfully and Wonderfully Made pro-life exhibit, our brand-new Borderland: Israel at the Time of Jesus exhibit, and more.

Register Today and Save $60

The early-bird conference special is about to end, so be sure to register before September 30, 2021, to save $60. Register today at AnswersforWomen.org.

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