What Makes Answers VBS Different?

by Ken Ham on September 8, 2021
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Our Vacation Bible School, Answers VBS, is one of the top three in the world, used by thousands of churches around the world. And I personally believe it’s the most powerful VBS available. But what makes it different from other VBS options? Well, Answers VBS isn’t “fluff and stuff” like many other curricula, and it’s filled with deep content to give children a solid biblical foundation.

That’s why Answers VBS is filled with apologetics (i.e., a faith defense) teaching, a biblical authority emphasis, and science experiments, great music, and much more. And it’s also why the topics we choose are highly relevant to our culture. For example, in 2019 our VBS was The Incredible Race which dealt biblically and scientifically with the topic of race and racism—churches and kids loved it!

Answers VBS is filled with apologetics (i.e., a faith defense) teaching, a biblical authority emphasis, and science experiments, great music, and much more.

And our 2022 VBS is Zoomerang: Returning to the Value of Lifea sanctity of life VBS that teaches children the value of every life, from the smallest unborn baby to the oldest person. What a relevant topic! And it’s set in Australia, my homeland.

But don’t just take my word for it. In our Answers VBS Discussion Group on Facebook, someone asked Answers VBS directors and volunteers what makes Answers VBS different. Here are some of their responses:

We use AiG . . . the science was a big draw for us. Our kids have loved getting away from crafts and learning how science and faith work hand in hand.
—J. R. R.

This was my first year to use AiG and we loved it! There’s so much strong theology and not a lot of fluff. Aaaaaaaaand it was genuinely fun and well-thought out. I loved how many resources were available. In fact, for us, we had to edit quite a bit because we do a 2.5 hr evening VBS. But I would always prefer to have too much material than not enough. As long as I get to do the picking, I’ll be choosing AiG.

I love AiG!! . . . There is so much packed into it. We also have unchurched kids, and they get so much from it while we are feeding our church kids. You won’t regret giving it a try.

We love Answers in Genesis! Very meaty with lots of fun and truth!!

This is our first year and we are so excited! We have done [a different VBS] for 40 years plus. This year we chose Answers and we love the layout! We also got the digital kit and the online resources are amazing! We also love the theology and depth of the material plus the conservative music option!

Answers VBS is definitely more in-depth and has excellent content . . . We have used Answers for over 7 years and we will probably never use anything else again.

I encourage you to give Answers VBS a try next summer—you won’t regret it! Your church will love the in-depth theology, doctrine, apologetics, and how relevant the topics are. Enjoy 25% off your Zoomerang VBS order through January 10, 2022, when you use code VBS22B at checkout.

Many have told me that once they used AiG VBS, they never wanted to buy anything else!

Learn more at AnswersVBS.com.

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