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by Ken Ham on August 20, 2021
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Many families throughout the US have already started homeschooling, but if you are starting later or are noticing a hole in your schooling routine, I have a few last-minute homeschooling resources from Answers in Genesis that I believe will be a blessing to your family and help you in your job of discipling your children.

Answers Family Bible Devotional Books 1–3. Looking to start your day in God’s Word with an encouraging family devotional? The Answers Family Bible Devotional is a chronological journey through the Bible (the full series will feature five books) written by seasoned missionaries and parents Mike and Libby Wild (parents of the Wild brothers from our popular missionary adventure series). These books are a great way to help your children know and believe God’s Word.

God’s Big Book of Animals. Have kids who are obsessed with animals? God’s Big Book of Animals is a large, colorful book filled with full-color photos, fun facts, and interesting information about 60 different animals. Most animal books teach evolution and millions of years—this one gives glory to God and teaches a creation worldview! This book is fun to flip through or use as a resource for researching animals and learning how to think about them from a Christian worldview.

7 Ages of Dinosaurs Swivel Book. Kids love dinosaurs! My book Dinosaurs for Kids has been very popular, and we recently released it in a new form, 7 Ages of Dinosaurs Swivel Book. This fun swivel book teaches kids how to think biblically about dinosaurs and gives them a foundation for understanding true history. This inexpensive resource makes an exciting encouragement gift as your kids work hard in their schoolwork.

Science Curriculum. Many homeschooling science curricula teach evolution and millions of years, undermining God’s Word and planting seeds of doubt in the hearts of children. If you ordered your science curriculum, only to be disappointed with the unbiblical content, consider God’s Design for Beginners for grades K–2, God’s Design for Science for grades 3–8, or Wonders of the Human Body for grades 6–8. Both curricula teach science through the lens of God’s Word.

Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. The last resource I want to highlight was just released this past January—Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool. We took our four-year Sunday school curriculum and rewrote all the lessons for homeschool so homeschool parents now have a chronological Bible curriculum, complete with apologetics, theological teaching, biblical worldview training, and practical Christian application. It’s incredible! What a wonderful tool to help you disciple your children to know and love God’s Word from a young age (K–5, with options to adapt for middle school students). Year 1 is now available, with the next three years coming soon.

Check out all of our homeschool specials on our sale page (most specials expire September 30, 2021, so be sure to explore the page soon).

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