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by Ken Ham on August 3, 2021
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Back to school is just around the corner for many families throughout the United States. If you’re a homeschool family preparing to return to your studies in a few weeks, I encourage you to consider adding Answers Bible Curriculum to your curriculum plan—it’s an incredibly “meaty,” in-depth Bible curriculum that will equip your children to know and love God’s Word.

We’ve received hundreds of rave reviews for Answers Bible Curriculum for Sunday School—and heard from many homeschoolers who wanted to use it at home. So we completely rewrote all 200 lessons for a homeschool setting (K–5, with options for including older students) Year 1 is now available, with Year 2 coming in January.

Here’s what you can expect with ABC Homeschool:

  • Whole Bible: In four years, your student will study through the entire Bible.
  • Chronological order: Placing the events in Scripture in their proper order helps the Bible’s history make sense.
  • A big picture emphasis: Your student will see the overarching themes (including Christ and the gospel) that run throughout Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation.
  • A gospel focus: Children need to have a deep understanding of the gospel!
  • Apologetics: Children should know what they believe and why.
  • A biblical authority emphasis: We want to help kids base their thinking on God’s Word in all areas.
  • Doctrine, theology, and real-life application: There’s no mere moralistic fluff-and-stuff here!
  • And so much more.

ABC Homeschool comes with free videos for every lesson from Bryan Osborne and Avery Foley. Building Blocks features fun object lessons to help the main point of the lesson stick and an interactive timeline to help children remember the flow of biblical history and see how all of history is pointing towards Christ.

I can’t recommend ABC Homeschool enough. It’s a powerful resource that will benefit every homeschool family.

I can’t recommend ABC Homeschool enough. It’s a powerful resource that will benefit every homeschool family (and until we get our worldview curriculum written for the older grades, you can use ABC Homeschool with older students by following the instructions in this video). Try sample lessons for free to see for yourself at

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