Make Your 2022 VBS a Sanctity of Life VBS with Zoomerang

by Ken Ham on July 9, 2021
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We’re so excited about our 2022 Answers Vacation Bible School, Zoomerang—it’s a totally unique VBS, teaching children about the sanctity of life from the smallest, unborn person to the oldest person. What a great and life-saving message for children in our culture of death. We can’t wait for thousands of churches to use this program next summer! We need to be teaching these vital messages to the coming generation!

Zoomerang—as the name suggests—is Australian themed. During VBS week, you’ll experience the beauty of the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, the arid Outback, and the bustling cities with architectural wonders of my native Australia. It’s going to be amazing!

There’s really no other VBS like Answers VBS.

As always, our Answers VBS is gospel-focused, filled with apologetics (teaching kids to defend their faith), and it emphasizes God’s Word as the authority from the very beginning. Along with games, crafts, snacks, a drama, fantastic songs, and more, Answers VBS features science experiments to help kids realize science confirms the Bible. (Kids love the science experiments!) There’s really no other VBS like Answers VBS.

For a limited time, you’ll also receive nine free Digital Leader Guides, plus artwork and more resources (available to download in October)—that’s over a $113 value FREE!

I encourage churches to check out Zoomerang—it’s a powerful sanctity-of-life VBS that will make a huge impact on children and their families. Visit

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