Enjoy Through-the-Bible Devotions with a Missionary Family

by Ken Ham on May 15, 2021
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Take a faith-building “walk through the Bible” with devotionals by Mike and Libby Wild, veteran missionaries to unreached people living deep in the jungles of Asia Pacific. They have a passion for presenting people with a clear, chronological study of the Bible, and we’ve just released the second in their five-book devotional series, Answers Family Bible Devotional. This second book covers Moses through Jonah.

You may know Mike and Libby as “mom and dad” in the popular DVD series The Wild Brothers, which gives you a glimpse into missionary life from their kids’ perspectives. And now you can enjoy insights from the Wild brothers’ parents (Mike and Libby) in these chronological Bible studies. These devotionals will help you disciple your children, grow together as a family, and fight biblical illiteracy within your home. Sadly, biblical illiteracy even permeates much of the church today.

I encourage you to read these studies together as a family. It’s vital that children know what the Bible teaches and how to read it. And children need to be equipped with apologetics so they can build a biblical worldview and understand the gospel message.

You can find the new Answers Family Bible Devotional: Book Two on AnswersBookstore.com.

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