Almost as Powerful as an Ultrasound—Bring Yours Home Today

by Ken Ham on April 11, 2021
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When you see the newest resource we’re offering at Answers in Genesis, you’re going to be very excited. It’s stunning, powerful, and could save lives. Every family, church, pro-life ministry, and pregnant mother needs one of these. What am I talking about? Our brand-new Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Kit. This beautiful pro-life kit allows you to take our Creation Museum’s fantastic new pro-life exhibit home with you to share with others as a witnessing tool.

The next best thing to an ultrasound, this kit features 12 truly stunning 3D (lenticular) mini-poster photographs of babies at various stages of development. A full-color book explains the images and what is happening in the womb as the baby is “knit together” (Psalm 139: 13) by God. Also included is a themed journal and Dr. David Menton’s very popular and fascinating talk on the incredible process of a child’s development in the womb. Everything is presented in a keepsake wooden box. It’s a remarkably powerful pro-life tool for families, churches, and ministries.

I’m so excited that this resource is now available on our online store. Just as God is using the exhibit at the Creation Museum to save babies and bring healing to women who are victims of abortion, we pray that this valuable tool will help you point others to God’s gift of life . . . and to the gift of eternal life that he offers to all who repent and believe.

We now have an entire line of sanctity of life resources, including some beautiful “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” apparel, mugs, and more. I encourage you to shop this special page on our website—the shirt you wear might just strike up a conversation that could save a life!

Find these resources in our sanctity of life collection at

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