ABC Homeschool Reviews are In: “[We] Are Thrilled with What We See!”

by Ken Ham on March 30, 2021
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Homeschool moms and dads across the country are finishing up their 2021 plans and sketching out a schedule for 2022. Well, if you’re looking for a comprehensive, powerful Bible curriculum for K–5 (that can also be used for middle and high school students with some adapting) that isn’t “fluff” or just presents moralistic teaching like so many other Bible curriculums, I encourage you to consider Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool, a brand-new homeschool curriculum from Answers in Genesis.

We released ABC Homeschool early this year and we’re receiving rave reviews from parents who love the ease-of-use, rich content, apologetics/biblical authority emphasis, and chronological approach. Here’s what two homeschooling moms shared with us:

I taught lesson 15 today on the creation of man for K-1st. I was amazed how you worked in the first marriage and that a marriage is between a man and a woman who are to love each other forever. Then you also had us share that some people think man evolved from animals! I was thrilled that you covered hot topics like evolution, same-sex marriage, and even divorce to plant seeds of truth in our little ones. Thanks for a curriculum that teaches these truths even to little ones! – Judy
I feel this is wonderful way for families to learn together about biblical truths.

We recently received ABC Homeschool, and are thrilled with what we see! I have read over the first lesson, and I feel that even as an adult, who was raised knowing Jesus and all about Him, that I will learn a lot from the background information given before the lesson. I feel this is wonderful way for families to learn together about biblical truths. The workbooks look good as well, and we feel it will be a good way to reinforce the lesson throughout the week … Thank you very much for all of the hard work y'all have done, and please continue working on the next levels for the future! ;) My husband and I appreciate the work y'all do at AiG, and will continue to support your work. Thank you! – Jennifer

We love hearing stories like these because that’s exactly why we wrote this Bible curriculum. So many Bible curricula are nothing more than “fluff and stuff”—they don’t provide a solid foundation of biblical literacy and a biblical authority emphasis that children so desperately need to develop a truly Christian worldview.

With ABC Homeschool, you’ll enjoy engaging lessons, a “prepare to share” section so you (or your middle or high school student) can dive deeper, fun Building Blocks videos from Bryan Osborne and Avery Foley (available right now on Answers TV with more being added weekly), age-appropriate workbooks, deep, “meaty” content, and the apologetics and biblical authority emphasis you know from AiG’s other materials. Children (and teachers) learn to have a truly Christian worldview!

I strongly encourage you to add Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool to your schedule this fall. Enjoy 20% off through April 30, 2021, when you use promo code 2103KHB at checkout. And, if you’d like to “try it before you buy it,” find two free sample lessons and videos to explain more about the curriculum at

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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