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ABC Homeschool offers a single teacher guide to be used with any age and any number of students. Each student receives an age-appropriate workbook filled with puzzles, activities, and review questions. With 36 lessons per year, we’ve taken the guesswork out of your schedule.

Spend 30–45 minutes teaching the lesson to your students, or have older students read the lesson themselves. Then divide the learning activities based on the number of days you wish to cover.

The student activities review and reinforce the main ideas from the lesson, as well as draw connections to other Scriptures, apologetic ideas, and life application.

We recommend dedicating time at least three days each week to cover one lesson and the accompanying learning activities. Each of the 6 quizzes cover 5–6 lessons, and each semester concludes with a review week and a semester test.

The Seven C’s of History

The Seven C's of History

The Bible provides a complete history of the universe. The Seven C’s of History reveal the major historical events that are foundational to the Bible’s important messages.

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Joseph Rises to Power

Joseph Rises to Power

God gave Pharaoh two disturbing dreams that his wise men couldn’t interpret. The cupbearer remembered Joseph from the prison and recommended him to Pharaoh. Giving God the credit for his gift, Joseph explained that Pharaoh’s dreams were a warning of seven years of famine after seven years of plenty. Pharaoh honored Joseph and gave him a powerful position to prepare Egypt for the famine.

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