New Family Devotional from Missionaries Mike and Libby Wild of The Wild Brothers

by Ken Ham on March 27, 2021
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So many children have delighted in following the four Wild brothers and their parents, Mike and Libby, as they explored God’s incredible creation while serving as missionaries to an unreached people group in Asia Pacific. Their adventures have been documented in the popular DVD series The Wild Brothers (also available to stream on Answers TV). It’s a Christian reality show that teaches God’s Word. Well, seasoned missionaries Mike and Libby Wild have been writing a family devotional that goes through the Bible in chronological order—and the first book is now available.

Answers Family Bible Devotional (the first book in a five-book series) is a wonderful family resource that takes you on a chronological journey from creation to Joseph in Genesis. It features 40 “read and discuss” devotions that are ideal for families, friends, or a small group study. It really brings the Bible to life in a way reminiscent of our Answers Bible Curriculum. What a great way to help children and parents understand the Bible in the order the events happened, as well as to shape their worldview according to God’s Word as they learn and believe the Bible!

I love discipleship resources like this one that parents can use as they obey the Lord’s command to train their children in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord. Order your copy of Answers Family Bible Devotional (as well as The Wild Brothers DVD series and their brand-new Island of the Four Kings) from today.

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