Get Behind-the-Scenes, Expert Teaching at Explore Camps This Summer

by Ken Ham on March 21, 2021
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Do you have a child who loves studying God’s creation? Would they benefit from learning from experts who not only love science but also love the Lord Jesus . . . and believe his Word? If so, then consider our popular Explore Camps at the Creation Museum.

Each camp offers hands-on science combined with a biblical worldview.

Our Explore Camps feature expert instruction on topics such as astronomy, earth science, zoology, forensics, automation, and more. Each camp offers hands-on science combined with a biblical worldview. As “campers” discover more about God’s creation, they will participate in a variety of workshops, experiments, scavenger hunts, behind-the-scenes experiences, and much more. They’ll be encouraged to see how science confirms God’s Word, which is trustworthy from the very first verse. And they’ll have a wonderful time along the way, learning to think with a truly Christian worldview. Our programs team does an amazing job on these camps!

Explore 5-Day Science Camps

We have two Explore 5-Day Science Camps taking place this summer, June 14–18 and July 12–16. They are for students who have completed fifth grade through to high school.

Explore 3-Day Science Camps

We’re also offering two Explore 3-Day Science Camps: one on forensics (June 14–18) and one from Teach Me Automation (July 21–23).

Register Soon

Registration is limited so be sure to register right away at

Explore Days

And, if the camp dates don’t work for you, consider our one-day Explore Days that take place throughout the year. Note that all of the Explore programs are day camps (no overnights). The museum is located west of the Cincinnati Airport.

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