“Wild About Answers TV”

on January 30, 2021
Featured in Ken Ham Blog

Have you tried Answers TV yet? This streaming service is truly like no other, featuring thousands of Answers in Genesis videos and other God-honoring content that will encourage you in your faith and help you and your family build a more biblical worldview. As most streaming services increasingly push vulgar, violent, explicit, pro-LGBT, and anti-Christian/anti-biblical content, be encouraged with a streaming service that honors God and his Word. Here’s what one individual wrote us about Answers TV:

My niece is wild about her Answers.tv subscription. Because of her disability she can rarely leave her apartment. She recently cancelled her secular Hulu subscription and has replaced that time with Answers. Answers is a lifeline for her in her isolation.
We are so thankful that people all over the world and in all sorts of situations are finding encouragement from Answers TV

We are so thankful that people all over the world and in all sorts of situations are finding encouragement from Answers TV. When you subscribe, not only will you help your family learn truth from God’s Word, but you will also help us produce even more content. Here’s just a sampling of what you can enjoy on Answers TV right now:

  • Hike & Seek with Peter Schriemer: Explore God’s creation with award-winning wildlife filmmaker Peter Schriemer (who has done work for the Smithsonian and the US Wildlife Department).
  • Out and About with Buddy Davis: Buddy Davis highlights some of what God has made, performs some illusions, shows you how to draw cartoons, and more.
  • Schus Off!: Avery Foley, her husband, and children—The “Schu family”—are off on an exploration of God’s creation in this entertaining creation worldview show for young children.
  • Unlocking Science: Roger Patterson, “Mr. P,” teaches science with hands-on experiments (which often means he’s blowing things up!)—this show is a must-have companion for teaching homeschool science in middle and high school!
  • Answers News: Get a biblical worldview perspective on the latest in science and culture news with our nine expert hosts, recorded live twice weekly—and all programs are archived.
  • Creation Basics: Join AiG-Canada’s Calvin Smith and guests to discover the basics of a creation worldview.
  • CT Scan: How can we think critically about what we hear about science and other relevant topics today? Get equipped with AiG-Canada’s Patricia Engler in this fascinating dive into logic, reasoning, and critical thinking (a “must watch” for high school students).
  • Coming soon . . .  Building Blocks: Soon we’ll launch a video component of the Answers Bible Curriculum for Homeschool on Answers TV, featuring Bryan Osborne and Avery Foley. Using fun object lessons and an interactive timeline, Bryan and Avery teach through the Bible chronologically, starting in Genesis.
  • And so much more! With more coming all the time!

I strongly encourage you to avail yourself of this very powerful resource for the family. We’ve kept it very affordable (only $4.99 a month or only $39.99 for a full year—that’s just over $3 a month), and you can try it for free for seven days. Subscribe today or try a free trial at Answers.tv—you may just be the next person who’s “wild” about your Answers TV subscription!

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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