How Can We Equip Generations to Stand?

by Ken Ham on January 17, 2021
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With each passing day, it seems our world is getting crazier. Untethered from the truth of God’s Word, America, in particular, is a nation that continuously sinks to new levels of foolishness and depravity—and that is certainly what we’re seeing all around us! How do we equip our young people to stand in the midst of this?

During this conference, we will be equipping you to raise godly generations.

Well, that will be the focus of our Answers for Pastors & Leaders Conference (actually, open to all to attend), October 5–7, 2021, at the Ark Encounter south of Cincinnati. And it’s also the focus of my newest book (more on that below). This conference is specifically geared towards pastors and Christian leaders, but it’s open for anyone to attend—and I strongly encourage parents and others with influence over children to make plans to come. During this conference, we will be equipping you to raise godly generations. You won’t want to miss it!

This conference includes a free seven-day pass to visit both the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum (45 minutes away) so you can enjoy everything these attractions have to offer, including our new virtual reality experience and Fearfully and Wonderfully Made pro-life exhibit. Early-bird pricing ends soon, so be sure to register today for this timely conference.

As you make plans to attend, I encourage you to check out our partner hotels for your accommodation needs. Comfort Inn & Suites in Dry Ridge, KY (only 5 miles from the Ark Encounter), and Hampton Inn Richwood (a brand-new hotel opening this spring between the Ark and the Creation Museum) are both offering special discounts to conference attendees. Find details on how to enjoy those special rates on our events page.

Will They Stand?

As I mentioned above, my new book Will They Stand?: Parenting Kids to Face the Giants also focuses on how to raise godly generations. It includes personal stories from my upbringing, biblical principles from God’s Word on how to raise godly children, the roles of fathers and mothers in education, and a chapter from my daughter, Renee, who heads up AiG’s Christian school Twelve Stones Christian Academy, as well as a chapter featuring my wife, Mally. It’s a different sort of book to those I’ve written in the past, and I encourage you to read it in preparation for this conference. You can find Will They Stand? at

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